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                 Processing & Shipping Info
In this article, you can find important information regarding our product processing, tailoring and shipping information to include the topics listed in the catalog (hyperlinked to the appropriate section for ease of access).
Processing Your Order
Depending on your ordered item, the processing/tailoring time will differ slightly.

Ready-Made Items
A selection of our products is ready-made, meaning these items are in stock and ready to be shipped. They usually take less than 48 hours to process before shipping. These items include Try-On Dresses, Final Sale Items, Clearance Sale Items, Swatches, and any item marked “Ship in 48hrs” on the product details page.

Made-To-Order Items
Most of our products are Made-to-Order, meaning that we only begin sewing them once an order has been confirmed. It can take a few weeks for us to finish making an item before it can be shipped.
Tailoring time differs from category to category. Please refer to the table below for the estimated tailoring times.



  Rush Order

Wedding Dresses
20 - 25 days

    10 -15  days

Evening Dresses

15 - 22 days

    10 - 12 days

Prom Dresses

15 -22 days

    10- 12  days

Bridesmaid Dresses

12 - 18  days

    12 -18  days

Mother Dresses
15 - 20  days    10 - 15  days
12 bis 18 Tage

    12 bis 18 Tage

Shipping Information
Shipping time differs for different places. Please refer to the table below for the shipping method options, timings, and estimated shipping cost.

Shipping Method


 Delivery Time (business days)

Shipping Cost (US Dollars)


 United states,Australia,Canda,Germany,United Kingdom,France,New Zealand,Ireland,Spain

    12 -18 days
    9,99 USD

All Other Countries

    15 - 20 days

    29,99 USD


 United states,Australia,Canda,Germany,United Kingdom,France,New Zealand,Ireland,Spain

    7 - 14 days

    19,99 USD

All Other Countries

    10 - 15 days

    39,99 USD

We work hard to ensure every package is delivered on time and in good condition, but once the package leaves our facilities we have little control over what happens to the package.
We are not responsible for lost or stolen packages, but we are happy to see what we can do to help if something goes wrong in transit.
Before reaching out to us, we recommend double-checking your tracking number to confirm the status of your order, and depending on the status, try doing the following:

Marked as Delivered:
• Check with your neighbors, the rest of your household, your leasing office, and/or your building manager to see if the package was accepted or delivered to them by mistake (which happens all the time).

• If marked as delivered in the last 24 hours, give it one more day (unless your event is urgent), as carriers will sometimes mark a package as delivered prematurely. Please contact us if it doesn't show up by the 48-hour mark.

• Please be aware that if you haven't confirmed the delivery after 30 days from the dispatch date due to shipping delays, our system will automatically update your order status to "All Completed". In this case, please be assured that you can still check the shipping record for updates and the 14-day return window will start from the day you receive the package according to the record. For any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

Still in Transit:
• The carrier may have gotten delayed and updated their estimated delivery window. As long as the tracking status was updated recently (in the past 2-3 days), everything should be fine, just wait for the package to be delivered.

• If you are still concerned, you can reach out to the carrier directly to see if you can get an update. The carrier will always have the most up-to-date information.

Pending Delivery:
• If your tracking status shows delivery as pending, reach out to the carrier to see if they can provide you with an explanation.

• Sometimes packages get marked as pending if conditions are too dangerous for drivers or if the carrier is experiencing an issue on their end.
If none of the above works, and you have spoken with the carrier and they are unable to assist, please Contact our customer service team with your order number and your needs. We'll see what we can do to help.

 When to Order
Total Delivery Time = Processing/Tailoring Time + Shipping Time
At checkout, we will provide you with an estimated delivery window for your order, which will also be noted in your Order Confirmation email.
If your order contains multiple items, they will be shipped together. Therefore, the total processing/tailoring time will depend on the product with the longest processing/tailoring time. Please refer to the “Processing Your Order” section for detailed processing/tailoring times of different products.
Please keep in mind that processing/tailoring times can sometimes increase, especially between January and March.

• For ready-made items, while it doesn’t take too long for these items to be processed and delivered, we recommend ordering at least 1 month before you need them.

• For made-to-order items, it can take a few weeks for us to finish making an item before it can be shipped. For example, wedding dresses can take several weeks to tailor plus additional time (differing from country to country) for shipping & delivery. Therefore, we recommend ordering made-to-order items 3-4 months before your event. This can also help prevent delays due to unforeseeable circumstances, such as natural disasters or carrier-related issues.
If you aren't sure what the processing or production time of a specific item is, you can find this information on the item details page.
Keep in mind that while some pages will give you an estimated delivery window, this will change at checkout based on the provided shipping address so check the delivery window at checkout before ordering.

Important Notes
• An estimated delivery window will be provided at the checkout page. It will appear under the shipping methods.

• We do not recommend ordering made-to-order items earlier than 3-4 months before your event date. This should allow enough time for production, delivery, and any needed alterations (as is common with formal wear).

• All custom-sized dresses are non-returnable.

• We do not offer exchanges at this time. If you purchase a dress and find it unsuitable, you will need to process a return.

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