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3 Maß Set Kissenbezug 100% Seide, Superweicher Premium Kopfkissenbezug Kissenhülle Weiß

[Artikelnummer: HK0001]

4.9 11
US$  3. 99
Farbe: Bitte Wählen Sie Farbe
  • Weiß
  • Elfenbein
  • Altrosa
  • Weinrot
  • Chamagner
  • Lavendel
  • Himmel Blau
  • Navy Blau
  • Schwarz
  • Silber
  • Jade
  • Dunkel Grau
Schneidzeit: 7-15 Tage
Lieferdauer: 5-10 Tage

Schneller Lieferung ( DHL, UPS):5-10

Standard Liefer (EMS, E-packet):15-25

Produktname: 3 Maß Set Kissenbezug 100% Seide, Superweicher Premium Kopfkissenbezug Kissenhülle Weiß
Kategorie: Pyjama Damen
Artikelnummer: B161181257920783
Farbe: Weiß,Elfenbein,Altrosa,Weinrot,Chamagner,Lavendel,Himmel Blau,Navy Blau,Schwarz,Silber,Jade,Dunkel Grau
Maß: Standard 50*65cm,Königin 50*75cm,König 50*90cm,

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I love the smoothness on my skin. It doesn't pull my curls. It's velvety to the touch. I sleep like a baby! I have washed them several times now and they still look and feel like the day I received them. They were nicely packaged and shipping was on time. I would definitely order them again.


Nach Lieferung innerhalb eines Tages, hielt ich 2 sehr schone und weiche Bezuge in Handen. Daran ?nderte sich auch nach erstmaligem Waschen nichts.


Color was perfect. Love these pillowcases. Have used them for 8 years now. They are great for your hair and skin. Highly recommend!!


One of the best prices for the value for silk pillowcases I've found. Very good material and I LOVE the zip closure so they dont ever start to come off the pillow. The navy is a beautiful color and the silk really helps with my skin and also helps the hair around my face to not get frizzy from tossing and turning. Definitely would recommend


I got this pillow case yesterday, it is the second one I have purchased. It is extremely soft and silky, the color is a deep saturated teal blue. When I got up this morning, my hair was not a tangled mess as it had been. I have very fine hair, that makes it look thin. I just don't want to pull any out when detangling it. This pillow case will go a very long way toward keeping my hair untangled and on my head! The instructions for washing are not written by an English speaker, that said, they are specific. Wash on the "back side" iron on the "back side", hand wash, do not immerse for more then 3 seconds, do not wring dry, blot dry with a towel, lay out to air dry. I did decode this to mean "wash inside out" and only iron on the "wrong side" of the fabric. I have not argument about how to care for the silk. I will do that. My first silk pillow case from this vendor died. The zipper split out and the fabric warped. Half my fault, water was likely too warm and the soap too strong. The zipper was a poor choice for this product, buy I did buy a second one. Great price for a really nice product. Silk is just something that requires careful handling. AND the king size case is very roomy, more then big enough for any king pillow on my bed.


I love this pillow case. I no longer wake up with pillow hair and ceases on my face.


I purchased this case for what most people do -- silk is easier on the skin and hair. And, it has helped. My hair is not so frizzy. Given that I have baby-fine hair and do have broken hair where I typically lie on my pillow, this quality is important to me.


Endlich hab ich langliche Kissenbezüge (in Rot) gefunden, diese per Reisverschluss an der unteren, langen Seite zu offnen sind! Bin absolut zufrieden, werde ich definitiv nochmal auf "Vorrat" kaufen!


I love these pillow cases, my long hair does get as tangled when I use them. This particular purchase was a gift, the lavender is beautiful and might buy another one for myself. I personally own three, 2 pink and 1 grey, all colors are beautiful. My first purchase was 3 years ago and the case is still in great condition.


Nothing to dislike. Great quality, Great Price.

3 Maß Set Kissenbezug 100% Seide, Superweicher Premium Kopfkissenbezug Kissenhülle Weiß
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